Welcome to SOA Affiliate Marketing Training

Congratulations on becoming a valued tribe member of the exclusive SOA club, and thank you for investing in this. I’m confident that you will be absolutely thrilled with your investment and benefit immensely from the training material. Remember the aim is clear, this is not a product, a course, or a membership site……it’s a revolution!

The aim is to help as many tribe members as possible escape their existing day to day drudgery to a life filled with freedom. So use your new found power as a SOA member to claw back control over your life and snatch back your indpendence. Seriously, online marketing has the power to turn your wildest dreams into reality. And you 100% have the power inside you to realise your dreams, whatever they are, when you have the SOA tribe on your side. So let’s get started.

Follow these 4 simple steps to get started...

Step 1: Join The ‘VIP Telegram and Facebook Secret Inner Circle Groups‘ where only VIP members get access.

Why join?

It’s proven that with support and motivation from a tribe of like minded people you’re far more likely to succeed.
Everyone in this group has the same shared goal and it’s an exclusive group just for VIP members like yourself.
Everyone is committed and on the same path as you to win back their freedom.
This means no noise and no tyre kickers just fantastic people motivated to succeed who want to support their fellow tribe members.
Join the group and introduce yourself today on the link below.
I’ve made it so simple for you, just copy and paste this template below and fill in the blanks…

I joined SOA VIP team because I want to achieve INSERT YOUR DREAM / GOAL HERE.
How is everyone getting on?
Good to be here, thanks!

Become a member today here: Facebook Group / Telegram Chat Group

Step 2: Get Familiar With The Source Of Answers Site

Here’s a brief overview of the site and how it works…
Logging In:
You can log into the members area here 24/7 from the main menu on the blog.
New Content:
From the main page you can see all the new content added in the table.
Content Categories:
And further down the main page is the different members only sections, click on any of them to be taken to your exclusive content.
Content Organization:
Content is generally laid out in an easy to understand table.
Reading The Content:
Clicking any of the content links will lead you to the exclusive members content.

Step 3: Winning With Us

In order to succeed with Affiliate Marketing and realise your dreams you have to focus on building a sustainable, long term, business that offers value to the world.
To achieve that requires you to choose a niche, pick a business model, carry out the essential marketing tasks to get your business running, and improving on your marketing skills and knowledge.
SOA aims to help you achieve all of these things.
Here’s how to get started:
Understand the logical order to work through SOA here.
Pick a profitable niche from the 200+ profitable, done for you, Niche Reports.
Then choose a business model from the 10+ proven online Business Model Blueprints.
Then start working through the Execution Plans to get essential internet marketing tasks completed correctly first time in just 15 minutes.
Level up your marketing knowledge faster with the “Forgotten Art of Direct Response Marketing”. These centuries old fundamental “secret” strategies are based on human behaviour and psychology and proven to work over 100s of years and still work scarily well now online.
Refer to the Digital Products for a more in-depth look at how to carry out online marketing tasks, if required.
Regularly check into the VIP Secret Inner Circle groups to post your progress reports, get support and network with others. This will help you stay motivated and on track.

Step 4: Working Through SOA In A Logical Order
Remember, this is NOT a course with a defined start and finish because most people find them too overwhelming, daunting, and too long to see any results so give up long before finished (including me).
Instead it’s a continually evolving and updated training platform with all the marketing knowledge, skills, step by step execution plans and business and niche ideas you need to succeed.
However, it’s good to have a logical “birds eye” overview to work through the content in SOA so you don’t get lost or confused.

Read the “SOA Progress Plan Here”.

Choosing a niche and pick a business model from the options provided sets you on the fast-track as it saves you wasting time on niche ideas or business models that don’t work (we only post niches and business ideas that are profitable).
Working through the relevant Execution Plans (where your skills are lacking or you need to learn that task to progress in your business) will level up your skills.
And consuming the Marketing Lessons will skyrocket your fundamental marketing knowledge and allow you to dominate your competition who don’t posses half this knowledge.
And remember, endless studies show those with a like minded group of people to lean on for support and motivation are far more likely to succeed so keep logging into the VIP Secret Inner Circle groups and sharing your progress.
With the training provided in SOA, the support from the VIP team and your existing desire you can 100% achieve anything you ever dreamed of.
Just stay focused, motivated, and log in daily if possible (even if just for 15 minutes to consume a “micro-learning” task like the Execution Plans or Marketing Lessons) to keep progressing forward.